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This site hosts the web publications of the late Theodore Plantinga.
Prior to his death in July, 2008, some of his web publications were hosted
here at www.plantinga.ca and others were hosted at Redeemer University
College at www.redeemer.ca/~tplant. They have now been consolidated
at this site.

Two weeks prior to his death, Theo submitted an article entitled
Understanding Dooyeweerd Better Than He Understood Himself
to Philosophia Reformata which was published in November, 2009
as part of Volume 74, no. 2. The editor has kindly given permission
for Theo's last publication to be made available here. Theo's article
is one of 3 responses to Glenn Friesen's 95 Theses on Herman
. To read Friesen's article (which will give the background
to Theo's response) or to read the other responses, please visit
Philosopia Reformata's web site where the other articles can be
downloaded for a fee.

New! Speaking Silence, a novel Theodore wrote in the last years of his
life. This novel follows the thinking and conversations of a professor of
philosophy. As Theodore explains in the epilogue, it is somewhat
autobiographical, but it can also serve as a lighter introduction to the
types of questions philosophers ask. Edited by one of his former students,
Jason Zuidema, this book might be especially interesting for his former
conversation partners, colleagues and students.



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